Kelvin Ho (3bter)
Co-Founder & CEO
Kelvin has been involved in a wide range of industries, including design, marketing, hospitality, data science and product management. In 2016, Kelvin has won a spot on the Forbes30under30Asia. Currently, he is working toward building the next Web3 auction platform on the blockchain.
Alice Wong (awkardalz)
Alice Wong is the project lead and art lead of Monkey Kingdom. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a BS in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research. She is a dev/data analyst in the day and an artist at night. Recently featured in Tatler’s 30 for 30 2022, she has also been actively involved in web3 and blockchain conferences uniting NFT communities in Asia and developing Monkey Kingdom & MonkeyBids.
Chris Yuen (kizzx2)
Lead Developer
Chris Yuen has extensive experience in cryptocurrency, DeFi and NFT. He has advised various DeFi and NFT projects on blockchains, including Ethereum, Solana, NEAR and Astar Network. In the past, he has led the development of EQONEX, the first Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange, and GoGoX, a unicorn logistic mobile app.
Joseph Germani (josephgermani.eth)
Marketing Lead
Joseph Germani has extensive experience in Content Creation & Social Media Marketing. Being one of the pioneers of YouTubers in Malaysia, he’s now actively working with brands for curated content collaborations and campaigns on social media.
Megan Ip (m3gatr0n)
Brand Manager
Creative conceptual thinker and designer who loves to explore new ideas and how they interact with the human experience with extensive experience in hospitality, Gamfi, and NFT communities.
Issac Poon (paprika)
Community Lead
Former journalist. Web3 natives. Years of experience in marketing and brand building. Passionate about blockchain development and actively exploring how it can revolutionise how people consume and entertain.
Sophie Jung (sophieseoul)
Full Stack Developer
Since taking the Computer Science 101 course at Stanford University in 2018, has been building online businesses. Built as the Airbnb for Korean artists and Korea's first space rental platform Onedayspace. The most recent experience was building a mobile app in EQONEX, the Nasdaq-listed crypto exchange with React Native. Love building new things and making triangular arbitrage smart contracts on Ethereum and the BNB Chain in her spare time.
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