Curate to Earn

All the items will be listed on our auction catalog before the auction started. Potential bidders can add items they like to their curator list with one click. The curator will be notified when the item has been selected for the next auction and 30 minutes before the auction started. Once the auction has been completed the curators who have added the item to their list will be rewarded with our native token. This function can also help the auctioneer or seller to better estimate the number of bidders who will be participating in the auction. User needs to first connect their wallet and each wallet holder can only add the items to their list once. A curator can earn more when the number of curators reaches a certain amount.
The earning portion is based on the number of curators. Assuming the market price of the item is $1,000 and bidding revenue is 3 times of the market price.
No. of Curator
Sharing percentage
Bidding Revenue
Earning per voter