Monkey Kingdom & MonkeyBids

MonkeyBids was founded by the team behind the Monkey Kingdom - a pixel NFT collection that originated in Hong Kong. Our first collection, Monkey Kingdom, is made up of 2,222 algorithmically generated NFTs. Inspired by the legendary Sun Wukong. A follow-up collection of 2,221 Diamond Baepes (female Wukong) was released shortly after. After two collections have been built on the Solana blockchain, we have challenged ourselves to develop our third collection on the Ethereum blockchain. Our latest collection, Monkey Legends, consists of 10,000 male and female WuKong avatars. They are designed to be fully customizable, game-ready, and support a whole new experience.
Our Monkey Kingdom and Diamond Baepe collections were featured by Sotheby’s at their Contemporary Art Online Auction between March 7-15, 2022. It marked the first time an Asian NFT project was auctioned by Sotheby’s. The auction achieved remarkable results with lots sold at $189,000 HKD (~$24,000 USD) and $151,200 HKD (~$19,250 USD) respectively.
Three of our Monkey Legends NFTs were auctioned by Philips at their INTERSECT Auction between March 24-31, 2022. All 3 items were sold, the highest being $163,800 HKD (~$20,800 USD) and the lowest $151,200 HKD (~$19,250 USD).
During the rebranding process for our 1 year anniversary, we asked questions like what represents Monkey Kingdom. And we have concluded that we are a bunch of degen people willing to dare ourselves to do extraordinary things. We want to redefine the purchase experience on marketplace that can give NFT traders a chance to beat the market. MonkeyBids is a platform for traders to always win a little bit more in both bull and bear markets.